Friday, July 29, 2011

Tattoo Ideas: Take Flight

It looks like when it's all said and done I'm likely to wind up with at least three tattoos that have to do with flight or flying. This obviously leads to the idea that I've yet to get an airplane tattoo. What would I be without an airplane?

I studied them in school, I grew up on movies and television shows about them and I've spent half a decade working with them, to the point where I claim an entire airplane's worth of of aircraft as my own. I figure after three years of getting down and dirty in them fixing them I've earned the right to call them mine.

I've yet to nail down a full concrete idea on this one yet, but it's constantly there, planning in the back of my mind. There are a few options that I've tossed around of course though, I've thought about my right wrist if it was small, my forearms of course, but that might require a career change and my thigh has been on the list as well.

There's a couple of different styles I've tossed around while dreaming it up, and as of yet nothing has stuck but I do still like the various options.

One would be the paper airplane. It's whimsical and harkens to youth, but at the same time is built (folded) which appeals to the engineer in me. She appreciates that bit of hand work done in it.

There's the silhouette of the standard airplane symbol which reminds me a lot of the the airline obviously the airport. The running joke these days with as much traveling as I do for work that the airport is my second home. Quite fitting right? Plus it's a clean looking tattoo which is nice too. It's a little more grown up than that paper planes, and lends a little more towards a love for travel (but who doesn't just love to travel right? That seems to silly to get a tattoo about to me).

Last of course is a cute biplane. They've always been a favorite of mine, and if the artwork is done right, again it has a bit of a whimsical feel to it. And of course, there's that the tie in to the original love for airplanes.


Katie said...

that biplane is so precious, I want that. I really need to get around to getting a tattoo.

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