Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tattoo Ideas: For the Birds

I've been tossing around plenty ideas for my next tattoo. Enough that I'm probably going to do a series of the next few posts dedicated to what I want to get next. When I get it done you'll see what it is I end up with. I'll post that too and try to take real photos of the whole experience. My memoirs which have been started but not finished talk about my tattoos and I feel like the whole experiences have been interesting in it of themselves. Everything should come with a tale right?

That said, I've been tossing around the idea of birds.

I love the silhouette and the idea of birds flying off in to the distance. Being an airplane geek, flight is always amazing and of course there's tons of other representations of what it could mean. It's a lovely image, getting out, being free, tasting the air and moving. I'm actually considering adding "be free" in a cursive with the birds, just to further symbolize that urge to find one's center.

Right now I'm thinking this one would go on the inside of my left bicep, horizontal when i hold my arm out. I know, that's a somewhat visible spot, but I figure I wear 3/4 to long sleeves most days at work anyway either to combat the weather or the air-conditioning. Giving up tank tops and short sleeved shirts to work would probably not be too much of a stretch. I rarely wear one without something else over the top.


Jhonny said...

The flying birds are really cute concept for tattooing, but this design only looks good when we have limited numbers of birds.
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kT said...

I can see that. the more you get, the more repetitive it gets and thus loses some of the appeal.

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