Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's Playing For Christmas

The Christmas holiday is around the corner, quite literally and of course I'm not done with shopping but that shouldn't surprise you really. Still, while you're rushing about trying to enjoy the holiday while doing too much at once, check out some Christmasy and winter type tunes.

First up is the Christmas-type release from This Century and their single "Kiss Me Like It's Christmas." It's adorable and catchy and though not entirely Christmasy and a little sad, you'll still be singing it for hours on end. Pick it up here.

What would Christmas be without one of my favorite punk rock bands releasing a Holiday EP? I know it sounds ridiculous , but here you go, Ghost Thrower put out a Holiday EP and I have to admit that I love it. Of course it's a little dark, because it's Ghost Thrower, but who says everything around the holiday has to be super happy? Change it up from whatever cheesy Justin Bieber song that got released.

I'm also really enjoying the free track I picked up off The Civil Wars winter EP Tracks In The Snow, "O Come, O Come Emanuel" which I never thought I'd enjoy. I should be tired of this song, especially after being raised in the Catholic Church that sings this one for the four weeks leading up to Christmas, every week, at every Mass, but I do like their version.

So while the radio keeps playing Taylor Swift ruining "White Christmas" plug in those headphones and listen to something else, something worthwhile.

Have a happy and safe holiday, no matter how you celebrate!


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