Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Album Review: "For All The Lovers" by The Season Premiere

I got added on twitter by Terrence of The Season Premiere and decided to give their new EP a listen to. It's been out for a while, so this is hardly new music, but somehow these guys never crossed my path before. Odd considering they are another Tempe, AZ band and given the prevalence of Arizona bands (The Maine, My Girl Friday, This Century, The Summer Set) in my iTunes, I'm surprised that I haven't heard of them yet. They look familiar but that's all I can say I knew walking into the music.

The EP they put out, For All The Lovers, has a great back beat (I love a good drummer), and while the 'single', "Anything But Love" is anything but cheesy, the rest of the EP doesn't seem to try as hard to be so something other than what they are.

My favorite track is easily "Ulterior Design", a little darker, something more than just a happy go-lucky pop-punk song. While the other tracks might fall strictly into the "guilty pleasure" type of music (where I tend to lump The Summer Set and, my ultimate guilty pleasure band, A Rocket To The Moon), "Ulterior Design" is a little reminder that they are more than your guilty pleasure. Which is refreshing. The kids who are listening to pop punk are getting older, and the originators of the genre are getting older (even Boys Like Girls are officially in their late twenties), it's time to grow the music up a little.

The other tracks are good as well, definite talent among them, music that has a great feel. "Heart of the Matter" also is full of that older sound, in not-quite-a-ballad mode, proof that they are more than just another set of pretty faces for sure. And it's good because while they make a good guilty pleasure, there's potential there for so much more than that. These will be the kind of bands who take over the fan bases, if they can keep it true and not over commercialized. Keep it fresh and real and success is on the horizon.

Definitely check it out (and go farther than the "Anything But Love" if that doesn't quite sell you) and let me know what you think.

Follow the band on twitter and check out their facebook page.


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