Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's Playing - "Bedroom Demos" from Travis Alexander

Woke up to a great treat today. He'd teased at the idea of working on this, that he was writing random acoustic songs and not sure what to do with them. Apparently we are lucky enough to actually get to hear them.

Travis Alexander, front man of Ghost Thrower posted Bedroom Demos to his personal bandcamp, three heartbreakingly good acoustic songs, full of emotion and honesty (or what appears to be) and seemingly intent on just making my day.

I've got a soft spot for Travis' voice; there's just something about it paired with an acoustic guitar. Don't get me wrong, I love Ghost Thrower, but I keep listening to the Holidays On Ice EP they put out (in the warm weather months) because it's showing off that voice. This set of demos is what I needed (that isn't..."Blue Christmas" considering it's almost summer).

So this will be my day. And it should be yours too. Go support a great musician.


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