Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Concert Plans

I think it's official yes? We can all it summer? There's some equinox I think that's next week, but I'm calling it official.

It's a short list so far, but I'm expecting to hear more on concert / tour schedules in the coming weeks and hopefully can fill up the warm months with shows and friends. As of now though:

May 25 - William Beckett
July 26 - Warped Tour

Okay it's a really short list. But! I do know Boys Like Girls will hit the road again soon and once those dates are up, expect me to be at one or two shows. (I'm a masochist what can I say?)

There's a June show for The Tower and The Fool, but I'd have to make my way to Boston (I keep hoping they'll tour), and of course Music Midtown is in September, I just having committed to buying tickets yet.

What am I (obviously) missing that I need to add?


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