Saturday, July 14, 2012

Album Review: "Fire It Up EP" by Fossil Factory

On the list of eagerly awaited music for this year, the new tunes from Fossil Factory have been pretty high on the list. The genius behind this EDM group out of Boston, Mass is none other than Luke Dent, who joined Boys like Girls members, Morgan Dorr and John Keefe as part of the Empire Kids and is part of the genius behind that as well (I saw them last year with Early Morning Blues--that's a babbling fan girl post. Sorry. There's a few good shots of Luke manning the keyboard though).

So trust me, I hear he's working on something new? I've spent a while, living off samplers on the soundcloud site, itching for more, studying the short list and waiting for a hint that there was more to come. And more is finally here. The EP, Fire It Up debuted on iTunes this week and it is fantastic. Even if dance music isn't really your thing? Trust me, you'll like this.

The first thirty seconds of the title track "Fire it Up" had me bouncing, ready to dance along with it and seriously considering adding the whole EP to my half-marathon training playlist. Then later thinking that no, I'd rather not associate such music with the miserable and grueling pain of running. It's too happy for that.

Don't believe me? That song is still streaming here on the soundcloud site. Give it a listen and tell me don't love it.

The other two tracks, "Sunset Over Detroit" and "Eric Draven", have just as much to offer, peppy, high energy beats that just begged to be danced to, something that you can't not move to as you listen to it. It's the perfect pick you up, wake you up, get you moving music and I'm completely hooked. As good as "Fire It Up" is? The other two tracks are better, and worth every penny.

Get your hands on it, find your glowsticks and let's rock out.


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