Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank God it's Friday the 13th

Thank God it's finally Friday right? Of course it would be a Friday the 13th, but that doesn't have to mean a bad thing right? We've had some strange weather here in Atlanta (that's what we get for complaining about how hot it was) and I think everyone spent the week recovering from the holiday weekend. The new weekend is on the horizon though and just to get you through those last few hours, here's some treats.

Travis Alexander of Ghost Thrower tossed this gem up on his tumblr earlier this week and honestly this guy + a guitar might be all I need. (Okay not all, but I love it). I feel horrible sometimes because I do love when he's screaming in a mic and the whole place is burning with energy, but the fact that just him and the acoustic covering "Small Skeletal" by Crime In Stereo is this good? I can't help it. The more acoustic the better.

Cara Salimando put out her June EP this week as well and you can grab it for free here on her facebook page. These two tracks are peppier than I expected, but my first influence to Cara was her and a piano. I'm always expecting just that and a full band is a pleasant surprise. What is expected though, is that both tracks will be fantastic, which they are. I really love "Never Come Home" and have since I saw it love. This girl is beyond talented and if you aren't listening to her yet you're missing out.

Last, and it feels odd to add it to the same post, but it can't go ignored, the new and long awaited single from Boys Like Girls is out and comes with a pretty fancy looking lyric video.

We've heard teasers of this song since last summer when Martin showed up at a festival as just "Martin Johnson" (and we were sure the band was doomed) and now it's finally a studio thing, which I'm not sure I love as much as I did when it was just the boy and the guitar. I guess I'm spoiled from too many acoustic versions that all the extras seem like too much. I love the way his voice has grown up, and I feel like it doesn't need all that.

That said though, the song is pretty damn beautiful. So here's hoping the new leaf they've turned over won't disappoint. Seems like there's potential for it, but I'm still hedging my bets. Their EP is due out next week with four songs from the upcoming album on it, which is due out in the fall.

Stay safe, watch out for black cats and don't break any mirrors and we should get through this one. Well unless you've got a friend with a mask. Then you might need to be worried.


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