Monday, July 16, 2012

Music for Monday: Tyler Hilton

With him being in town it only makes sense to turn on Tyler Hilton's tunes today, just to prep for the show that I may or may not be going to. I'm still not sure.

His new album, Forget the Storm is out and I do really enjoy it. It's similar to my favorite album of his (Tracks Of) but a little more rock and roll, which just makes it all the more fun. Give it a listen on Spotify and enjoy. The single off the album "Prince of Nothing Charming" is fantastic, downright perfect, an the rest of it? It's fun, easy to listen to, easy to get into while working, studying, or just doing housework.

And if you feel like going back in time? Grab some of the older stuff and let yourself get sucked into it. Sure he did a stint on One Tree Hill, but that was when the show was good and honestly I always found his character amusing. And it wasn't like the show didn't prove he could sing. He blew us away.

As for the show, we'll see if I wind up there, it's a nice tiny venue which is always fun, but it's alos in about 6 hours and I don't have plan yet. While I'm fine with flying by the seat of my pants, it doesn't always work out. If I do wind up there, I'll obviously have a post about that too. If not...well Warped Tour is on the horizon.


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