Monday, March 31, 2008

C2P hype!

I'm getting really really stoked about Commit2Paper's first kit this month!! I've forgone this month's ScrapGoods kit because I just can't give up LRS at all (I'm in deep love with the March kit. I've only had time to make one layout with it so far, but I love it).

And if I can read my email right, I'm going to be the first to get her kit (mine is being used as a dry run for shipping costs I think) which totally makes me all giggly.

Goals for the week:

1. Get the proposed message board up and running. Also look into what it would take to get a C2P board up and running as well.
2. Mail LOs from trading pages swap.
3. Figure out what kind of swap to get running via the blog(s)--suggestions are welcome!


bobbie said...

So will we be getting teasers from you on the C2P kit???

Anonymous said...

i have some limited web design experience; at the very least, i have adobe cs3 design premium (includes dreamweaver) and would love to learn more. so i'm offering to help with the message board/s. =)
i'm such a nerd that i already paid my c2p kit fee! =)

-gms (pookahbot)

ladynurse4 said...

for a swap it is fun to do some altered items,sometimes i have been in one that you could alter anything you like and send it all to the hostess and she chooses what to send to who based on what she knows about everyone. I have been in ones where you have a partner and you each tell what kind of item you want but you keep exactly how you are going to do it secret. and, I have done one where you just tell what color(s) you want your item to be, the hostess assigns secret sisters to each person. if any of that makes any sense.

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