Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Computer + Some pages

It's here!! My fancy MacBook Pro is back in business. After the business with the first computer's speakers not working (is that my punishment for buying a refurbed computer?) I ended up getting them to send me a new one. I hate being that customer, but sometimes you have to stand your ground a little.

Either way it showed up this afternoon and thus not much in the way of scrapping got done, except some additions to a page I'm making for the trading pages swap for Angela. I don't like it really, but I hope after I jazz it up a little more I'll like it and not feel bad about sending it to her. I still have to do Erin's pictures as well and get started on the Perception Swap. Gah behind.

But here's some new stuff!

Each of these was for a challenge of some sort. The first was for the Feb kit Telephone Scraplift (start with one LO and then the next person lifts it and the next person lifts theirs etc). My page ended up looking nothing like the original. I like it though. Very...sandy. The second was a LO for a swap kit. You get all the pieces, then make a LO using all of them. I love the way it came out, very bohemian which isn't my usual style. Still it's nice.


Geri said...

Glad your computer is back - I was totally lost when I was in the process of replacing mine! Love the Beach LO - that is really a great one... everything on it just meshes!

Auntie Em said...

Yeah on the computer!!! Love your layouts, I think you do great Boho!!

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