Monday, March 3, 2008

A few frustrations...

I desperately owe an update with some of my scrapping and some of my 365 day pix (and I want to update the header), but flickr is not cooperating at work tonight. I guess I'll have to actually do my uploading at home.

The new computer has been shipped, but the tracking number isn't registering on FedEx's site, so I'm not sure how long it will take for it to get here. I'm hoping they overnight it, but I'm imagining it will come on the slow truck like it did last time. (For those you who don't know, I got a refurbed macbook pro last week and the speakers stopped working. After some deliberations with the people at Apple, I managed to get myself a new one and return the one I had.) I'm eager to get going on that, figure out how to use iPhoto a little bit more, and then eventually upgrading to getting PhotoShop. Well at least Elements. Perhaps the Design Studio for my Cricut as well. But not having the computer yet is frustrating.

I'm hitting a final wall with ScrapGoods. I've seen spoliers for the kit that is enroute and I didn't get excited. Now looking at the spoilers for Little Red Scrapbook today, I about lost it. So cute. Beautiful colors (colors I want to work with!) and some great stuff. I guess I'll be sad losing the technique aspect of ScrapGoods, but I'm expanding and planning on going to more events and working to just try things on my own. The only aspect of this upcoming kit is that I'm excited for a chance to get my hands on grungeboard. I think I could have a ball with that.

The final decision will be made once I actually get my hands on the kit and dig through it, but I'm expecting a break. Here's hoping I can get my friends from the boards reading the board I'm planning to set up (trying to wait until I get the new computer), so that I don't lose touch with them.


Auntie Em said...

you ain't getting rid of me that easy

Auntie Em said...

Oh wait till you see my DT with this kit, I went much more grungified with it. My new favorite word.

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