Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Showdown

Welcome to the Sunday Showdown. As part of a weekly post you, my adored readers, get the honor of being exposed to some grand rant that's on my mind. so get geared up and we'll get down to business. Feel free to weigh in on how you feel about subject as well. (Oh I wish I was better with Photoshop...I think this series needs it's own logo!)

Ok, I'm not a designer or an artist or much of a neat and tidy person. I'm not a wedding planner either. I will stand here and tell you though, there are certain things you just don't do for a wedding reception.

I understand too that it's nice and cheap to have the wedding reception at the church where the wedding was held. In my honest opinion you cut down on the number of interesting events that could happen be eliminating alcohol from the mix, but most brides can't handle the idea of one of the groomsmen getting tipsy and leading the entire wedding and rowdy version of the YMCA. I was also raise Catholic and most of the churches I've belonged to haven't strictly forbid booze in the parish hall, but they'll probably send you to the Knights of Columbus meeting hall because they have more space and it's pre-wired with a speaker system and the bar already has taps for kegs. Plus you'll get a good deal since you belong to the church.

I love the idea of doing something different for a simple reception. That's so unique and cool. A wedding I went to this spring was going for fun and different, while still being frugal and at the church. They came up with the great idea of having an ice cream sundae bar for the afternoon wedding (along with other finger foods on another table). This is so neat! What a great idea, I said to myself. I was really excited, seriously, and then I looked at the table.

The ice cream was still in the plastic tubs from Kroger or whever that they bought them in. That's fine, moving ice cream from one container to another is difficult, but why isn't that big bucket in a nicer kind of bucket filled with ice? Even one of those cute little pails they have now to put drinks in outside with pretty ribbon tied on the sides would have worked. What's more fun is you can get that with your new name of the couple or a monogram or just the last initial. The toppings (of which there were plenty to choose from) were all put in plastic throw away cups. Not throw away bowls even. Just cups. Each cup had a little place card with what the topping was called, which was very nice. But why cups? I swear you can go to Kroger and get matching clear bowls for less than a dollar each (I know, I saw them there last week) and with a wedding this time of year, all stores have sets of fun plastic wear that's reasonably priced for a great set up.

What is wrong with people? I understand saving a buck here and there, but this is your wedding reception. This is technically your first event you're throwing as a couple and it should be a reflection of how every other event you two will host for the rest of your married lives. Plus you have significantly longer to plan this than any other event you will host. Is it that hard to find matching plates and serving dishes for your reception? I know it's not because I go to places like Target and Walmart (if you want to be really cheap, we won't even go into the stuff they have at nicer stores) and I see the whole line of serving platters and etc that match and that can be paired with anything or everything. Maybe you don't want the traditional wedding feel to it all, but pick a theme! Go with the theme.

And I'm not even going to go into the fact that the drinks were cans of coke and small bottles of juice in coolers lined up along the wall.


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