Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I feel like the whole world needs to be wished one giant "Happy Father's Day!" today.

So we'll do a tribute to my dad today, because I love him and he's the best dad out there.

Katy and Dad
(ooh I'm terribly sunburned here!) So that's my dad. He's my hero, my defender and probably the source of most of my better personality traits.

Being silly
He's got a great sense of humor, probably the funniest in the family as Josh and I are just sarcastic and mom is usually just accidentally funny.

Dinner with Dad
He's been my inspiration for a lot of things, including where I went to college. He's the best sort of resource for most stuff, and he's always rasied us to make our own decisions and stand behind them. Sure we don't agree on everything, but he respects that we've taken the stance we've taken (by we I mean lil brother and I) and he's been supportive through it all.

Lunch on the deck
I really am very lucky and love him so very much.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY!! (and to all the other fathers out there as well!)


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