Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Crane Chandelier

I really want to do this!! The Wedding Co. sponsoring a project called The Crane Chandelier and for it are collecting cranes from hopefully 10,000 engaged couples by January 2011 (their 10th Anniversary). I'm just blown away by this. Plus for each crane they are going to donate 50 cents to cancer research (that means if they make their goal, they'll donate $5,000!) So of course I'm in.

More than anything it reminds me of a story (novel?) I read when I was a kid about a little girl, Sadako, who was very sick. There's a local legend in Japan that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes and make the same wish on each one, your wish will come true. I read the book, devoured it actually. It was a great story and one that's always been with me, and has probably continued to support my love for the cranes.

My crane is requested!! I could actually make my own, but I feel like whatever paper I'd pick might look weird. (silly I know, don't remind me.)


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