Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More June LO's!!

I'm sorry it took so long to get these posted. I was having issues with flickr liking the work server and I kept forgetting to post them once I got home. Worst blogger ever, I realize that.

June C2P: The bass player

The bass player! Why is the bass player always the hot one? My friends in high school were in a band "Perfect Confusion" and I used to go watch them play, just for this guy Matt. Now they've moved on to a new band (three of the PC guys at least) and they are quickly becoming famous, which is just weird. But I still miss Matt and wish he ws in the new band!

June C2P: Live, Laugh, Love
I have something similar to this on my wall and I made this one for a friend for her birthday. Hopefully she likes it.

June C2P: B-Maid Minibook: Cressie
Posting this hoping my b-maids aren't too nosy. I'm making each of them a minibook and this is the first one I've done. I'm about half way done with it at this point (I ran out of C-adjectives. Suggestions would be appreciated! G, A, J, and L as well)

some more photos:
June C2P: Minibook

June C2P: Minibook

Thanks for looking!


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