Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Commit2Paper Layouts

Jan C2P: Where we go

This page actually means a lot more to me then I would normally let on. I found this photo in my things and it made me catch my breath a little. My friends looked so happy here, and so young. We used to be so close, but things have changed so much. But as the title says, no matter where we go? We were there. we had that moment and that friendship.

Jan C2P: Williamsberg, VA

Some old photos from a band trip in high school.

Jan C2P: K&C
Wedding photos!! My first wedding related layout.

Jan C2P: Destination
I love the way this kit lends to traveling photos.

Jan C2P: <3
A Valentine's Day card!

Jan C2P: thnkx
A thank you card!

Thanks for looking!


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