Friday, January 15, 2010

Sharing: Plus 3 Network

My friend Meag clued me in to the Plus 3 Network website.

The main idea of the website is they donate money for the workouts you accomplish. While the website seems to attract the really hardcore athlete (the 26+ mile trail run type) Meag and I have joined in an attempt to raise money, as well as for an extra motivation for doing some well needed exercise.

Plus with all things, it's come down to a friendly wager. Whoever raises $10 first owes the other a $10 iTunes card. I think she's going to wind up beating me, but she's always been more focused.

Check it out if you're like us, and make sure you add me as a friend if you do join! Hey we all need every bit of motivation we can get right?


Meaghan said...

The wager is now $50 to give Katy a fighting chance! ;) (prize is still a $10 iTunes giftcard).

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