Sunday, April 15, 2012

David and Jacki's Wedding!

(as a heads up, this one is going to be picture heavy)

I do love a good wedding. And I love it even more when one of my best friends gets to marry the guy she loves.

I met David and Jacki through Champ and I've loved being friends with her and David. It was such a thrill to be in her wedding, because it was finally the wedding where Gina, Jacki and I all got to be in the same wedding. We'd been joking for a while that if we met sooner we would have been in each others without a doubt. Finally right?

handsome guys
Meet David (with his handsome groomsmen in the background).

I cared very little that I got a snide comment in my direction during the rehearsal. I was taking photos. Hah.

perfect bride
I so love this shot of Jacki. This is her. Perfectly done, a sign of pure lady-like composure. While I would be a wreck in a Jane Austen period, Jacki would be Elizabeth or Mary Bennet.

A little bit of a laugh
Something was funny.

rehearsal - pretty bride and groom

Pretty girl, getting ready for the big day
(see perfect)

finishing touch to the bride's hair

Hats were requested for the ladies. Needless to say we all had some sort of massive fascinators in our hair. I wore one I cherish from a few years ago.

The ceremony was lovely, I only got misty when she first walked down the aisle (the music from the new Pride and Prejudice movie started). Jacki got a little teary during her vows, but nothing that made it difficult to speak and overall it was just really lovely to be a part of.

First dance

In a heroically different choice they had their first dance to Bright Eyes' "The First Day of My Life", which was great. Very cute and very them.

First dance

Jacki and her dad danced to "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas. I all but instantly tweeted him about it and YAY he tweeted me back thanks for sharing. Love it.

Pretty girls
(Gina, Jesse and I, I'm on the right for those who forgot what I looked like)

David and Champ
The Groom, David, and Champ!

Bridesmaid and Bride

Katy, Jacki, Gina and Jesse

Dancing fun
A little blurry, but I still love it.

The last song of the night was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" as nights should end and those of us who were left, yelled our lungs out. It was grand.

Don't Stop Believing

All good things always come to an and it was time to head out, off to the happily ever after as I like to say. As always, love them so very much. Congrats again Dave and Jacki, thanks for letting both Champ and I be a part of your oh so special day.

Happily Ever After


GMS said...

You look lovely, kT. :)

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