Monday, April 23, 2012

Music for Monday - Pretend Surprise

It's oddly windy and cold here today (which is strange for April, though everyone else I talk to has rain and I at least still have some sunshine), and it's a day that needs something to distract you from that weather. (If I had rain, the mood might change, but I'd rather perk up the windy weather).

Which leads me to today's music choice Pretend Surprise. Perfect choice for this sort of weather. "The Product of a 24-hour News Cycle" is the kind of song you listen to and you can feel your hair blowing around your face, sweeping you up into sky like Dorothy or something.

The band hails from Wilmington, NC and can't really fit into a specific genre in my mind, but their upbeat beats and thoughtful lyrics give them the energy of all your favorite bands smashed into one. Every track on their EP, HOTmath, makes me think of a different band that I love and I can't stop bobbing my head with each one.

So as your Monday tries to blow you away or freeze you out when you should be in strictly summer clothes, add Pretend Surprise to you headphones. Their EP is up for streaming at their bandcamp page. You can also pick up a copy of it there, with a portion of every purchase going to DREAMS Center for Arts Education in Wilmington NC (how awesome is that? Getting good music and doing good in one click).


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