Monday, April 16, 2012

Music for Monday - Darling Parade

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I got a tip on this one from one of my favorite girls, Colleen who suggested I check out today's Music for your Monday, Darling Parade. She's a big supporter and honestly, I almost always trust her tastes.

As always, she hit the mark with this one. The Nashville based group claims their own new genre of "popcore" (I love that. I love coming up with new genres.) and it definitely is fitting. With a front girl on vocals there's a fine line to tred, one side very Avril and obnoxious and the other side very Evanescence, which toes the line of rock opera. It's not an easy no man's land to be in but Darling Parade shines their way through it. While other girl-lead rock groups tend to leave me wanting more, the only thing Darling Parade leaves me wanting more of is more music.

The answer might be coming soon though, with new music on the horizon. According to their website, a new album, full length, will be in the works this spring, which means the answer to what you want is definitely headed your way.


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