Monday, April 2, 2012

Music For Monday - Go Periscope

Eletrorock. Hey, don't you dare go clicking somewhere else, I know you're being skeptical, but stick with me here, I wouldn't lead you astray.

If you visit here half of regularly, you have an idea of what my type of music is. You think: Who cares how cute the guys are from Seattle-based Go Periscope, it's not your style of music. You aren't going to like it. And I'm here to tell you: I do like it.

Take a deep breath and give these guys a shot. Their new single "Boys Like, Girls Like" isn't too far from anything from Cobra Starship and face it you like them. It's like listening to 3Oh!3 and not cringing at how stupid the lyrics are. It's a fun ride, peppy and enough to get you dancing.

Their album, which you can stream off their website is just as good and after you dig it? You can go get it on iTunes or Amazon, whichever you prefer.

So maybe you want to go slow, dip your toe into something that sounds more familiar? Check out The Mixtape or Remix which are mash-ups and mix ups of songs you've heard before, taking a new spin on songs that you thought you were tired of, but you might actually start to like again. And face it, if anyone can make "Like A G-6" not be annoying, it's worth a second shot in my mind (it's a song about an airplane. It's as cool as it gets it's it's the worst song ever, at least until Go Periscope got their hands on it).

Love it and adore it and add it to your playlists. I know I'm already considering dumping it on my half marathon training list at the very least.


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