Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - I love Boston

Have I mentioned that I love this city?

I love this city. It's fast becoming my second home. I know. I'm a Braves fan, I can't stand the Patriots (tell me you can? You know you can't), I don't like winter and I hate being cold, but I love this city. Maybe I've only seen the best parts, but the place has charm.

And it's starting to feel like like a second home.

It was a fun few days without a show to go, hanging out with friends. I spent Monday, while most people had class, chilling with my girl Colleen K. We watched bad movies and chatted about things. More than fun. And we watched Prom. Who doesn't love that movie? (Admit it, you love it.) Followed that up with a sushi dinner with Rana and mostly enjoying ourselves.

Tuesday was spent with the "other" Colleen, Colleen J. That meant lunch and wandering around the city. Though of course wandering was actually 'running' to the train when we realized we were on the wrong side of the tracks. (Figures.) That's just us I think. Then it was cruising Newbury, raiding Newbury Comics and studying albums and debating over what's good and what wasn't. I have a whole lot more to check out. We also did some shopping at Forever 21 which resulted in a white blazer for me and some cute leggings for Colleen

After that? Off to trivia with Rana and Christina. I love trivia, but I got to tell you, it's depressing to be the only person at the table who remembers The Gulf War. Reminds a girl of her age. Which is old. We didn't win, but that's alright. We held our own for a while there and that's what counts.

The city was so much fun to be in, wandering around, taking the T and pretending I knew where I was going. We just don't have things like that here and as much as I love my city? It's different.


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