Friday, March 9, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Connecticut

Having arrived in Hartford on so much caffeine that I was shaking, I was surprised that I was actually able to fall asleep. I guess when I crashed, I crashed hard and actually was able to sleep in the hotel room I was sharing with my parents (which is impressive since they tandem snore). We were all in town for lil brother's last Master's recital (he's a an oboe performance major).

Morning meant hangs with the family, lunch before a place even opened and then running to a true Italian bakery in the sketchiest part of town. But the walls were will filled with fresh bread and cases of delicious cookies. We couldn't resist.

What really shocked me was the first signs of snow. I knew I had to drive again the next day so snow was not super appealing and of course we didn't want people to miss the recital because they didn't want to go out in the bad weather. Turned out no one really freaked out due to the weather which meant a good crowd.

Then we were off to Josh's recital. I love music, you know that, but classical music doesn't always do it for me. I fully realize it's the root of current music and such, but sometimes it bores me. Plus I did play clarinet in high school and not being able to play the music also bores me (not that I was any good, but you follow). I'll never truly figure out my guitar, but I could muddle my way through some dumbed down classical pieces.

Josh's performance though? That was great stuff. Really great. Even the twenty minute Bach piece, which I didn't actually read the program through. I was rather caught up in it.

After the recital it was off to dinner with the family plus Josh's bud from high school, Cole and his teacher Lucerelli, who is an absolute delight. He's a bit crazy, but that makes it worth it. It's more than fun to watch and see the whole thing. We followed up dinner with a party with Josh's friends. A good end to a great day.


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