Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - The drive

The plan was to make the trek to Connecticut and then Boston, but it's a good 18 hours to Boston from Atlanta, and about 16 to Connecticut. There was no way I was going to manage that in one day.

Lucky for me though, my best friend, Heather, didn't mind me using her place as a stop off, which mean stop one was just outside of Raleigh, NC about six hours from Atlanta. Not completely half of the trip of anything, but I'd rather stay with her than anyone else anyway.

The weather was perfect for a good drive, clear blue skies, warm weather and with my tunes cranking there was no way to not enjoy it. The playlist was definitely about 460 songs strong, including all my favorites: Young Statues, Early Morning Blues, The Tower and The Fool, Boys Like Girls, Go Radio, and even some Jesse McCartney. I was jamming my way through the drive.

The stay over in NC with Heather and her boy was the best. We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom (which is much classier in NC that the originals in GA) and then chilled at her place. In the morning she was off to work and I was at it again, headed towards Connecticut. Eleven hours head of me and I hit the road. The first part was fine. Actually rather enjoyable.

Somewhere in DC I was certain I was lost. I wound up on surface streets which didn't feel right, but eventually I made it out of the city. Somewhere between DC and Baltimore the rain started which didn't bode well. That meant rain while driving through Baltimore (all I could think of was The Wire) and New York City. I was miserable by the time I hit Connecticut.

I wasn't tired, enough caffeine kept that at bay, but I was stressed from driving in the rain. Made it in one piece though, finding little brother and setting up at his place until my parents got in around midnight.


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