Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - The Tower and The Fool

Last night in Boston and how fitting that I spend it with Tower. I else was I going to spend it.

I went by to check in on Rana, but she was studying hard for classes and eventually I left her at Starbucks with her books and headed towards Great Scott. Both Colleens were due to meet me there at some point and I wound up stepping off the bus alone, and face with a pacing Bryan. I think I scared him because I just about appeared out of nowhere, but hopefully not. We caught up for a few moments outside until Colleen K found me and then we went inside and I got a beer while we waited for things to get started.

There was a good crowd when The Tower and The Fool went on, though it could have been four of us. It was still great.

The Tower and The Fool 13

(I hate the lighting at Great's always red. How does one work with red?)

The Tower and The Fool 7
The Tower and The Fool 8

They played "Breach" for this set (at the H.E.L.L. set they played "Fade Away" from the old EP), though only after some prodding from the crowd. They asked, we (me) answered. And one other guy. I won.

The Tower and The Fool 2
The Tower and The Fool 5

This band is going to be huge one day. At some point their music is going to be everywhere. It's going to be awesome.

Colleen J got there in time for their last song and then I hung out with both Colleens for a while, chatting about shows and listening to The Front Bottoms who went on next. All in all a great show, even if I did duck out early to make sure I didn't get back too late. I was hitting the road again in the morning with a long drive ahead of me and no sleep wasn't smart for that. idea of a last night.


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