Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Paradise Fears

Wednesday was my last day in Boston, but we wound up making a plan to see Paradise Fears play a house show at Courtney and Shannon's. I don't really know them other than their opening set for The Cab a few weeks ago, but I was willing to get them another shot, to see my friends as well because I figured what that heck. I didn't have much else planned.

Of course, because this is how things go, the snow came on Wednesday and I found myself walking to my car (parked about three blocks from Rana's apartment) in actual snow. Though it was warm enough that it fell more like rain than snow and I didn't have too much of a freak out of driving in it. That said I think I fared very well with being in experienced in driving in such wintery conditions.

I picked up Olivia and drove us to the right place, but we were early and not at all sure we were in the right place. I wound up parking in the wrong place (a Haitian Church parking lot) until that was sorted. I got to meet 'the flock' as they call Courtney and Commie's friends and we had a good time chatting while we waited for the band to show up.

It was a little surprising when they did, but they sat with the girls for a while, chatting everyone up, telling stories. Of course the question was asked about me, about how I wound up in Boston, which had me explaining my following of Bryan's bands. That lead to chatter about Boys Like Girls with the comment of "Do you know their bassist can sing as high as the lead singer." Yes, yes he can.

They were good live, fun to listen too and nice guys all around. They tolerated the loud levels of sound some of the girls reached, which I was very impressed by. I would have wanted to run away screaming.










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