Friday, March 16, 2012

Concert: Young Statues 3/8/2012

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I've had a short list of concerts so far this year and every one of them has been highly anticipated, but I don't know if any of them had the build up that the Young Statues show had. This one had been in the plan since they day they announced it. It got to the point where once I just tweeted that their music was stuck in my head and Carmen came back with "See you in Atlanta." This was the plan. Maybe it was a touch ridiculous, but this was my first 'found in Boston' band that was headed south. It had to be a big deal.

I've said before that The Masquerede is my favorite venue in Atlanta, and I'll say it again. The guys were playing Purgatory which is about twelve steps above the ground level and as big as the first floor of my townhouse. Even Champ commented on the size of it with a 'whoa this place is tiny.'

I spotted Carmen at his table as soon as I walked in and was greeted with him knowing who I was as soon as I walked up (that's a cool feeling, no matter where you are). We chatted for a bit then went to get spots for the show (with the twenty other people who got there early). This has to be said first, it was southern hipster heaven. Girls in straight up urban outfiters specials with preppy guys with boat shoes pretending to care. Seriously the oddest grouping of people, but that's sort of what I expect at concerts here. There's probably an entire anthropological study that could be done with the sort of concert going crowd in Atlanta.

The first opener, Wire Method, was a local Atlanta group and not bad, but not great. They had a good idea going on with sort of a Tegan and Sara sound, but the girls were a little pitchy which sort of threw off the whole vibe of the music. Unfortunate, but something that can likely be fixed.

I ducked off between sets to find the restroom and had told Champ to get us a good spot for Young Statues while I was gone and when I got back I was surprised to find him right up front and a little to the left of the 'stage' (it was like 12 inches off the ground. Does that count?). The girls in front of me seemed excited and I asked if they knew the band but they were very much 'uh no' which was fine when I admitted I was a fan they shoved me in front of them so I was right up close. Great for photos. Awkward for me because I was definitely singing along and I'm sure it was obvious.

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(every photo I got of Matt was awful. He was tossed in this dark corner and just blah for photos.)
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The set was actually really great, with a few choices that surprised me. I was hoping they'd play "Bumble Bee" and "Your Seasons Stay the Same" but didn't totally expect it, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when they did play them. Same with "Meet Me at the Hudson." Love that song.
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