Monday, March 12, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - H.E.L.L. Benefit Show

Sunday morning I was up and moving again, headed towards Boston from Hartford. I was a little surprised I managed to get up that early, but I didn't have as much to drink as everyone else. It wound up being for the best because I had some massive issues parking and then meeting the crew up at Pinkberry. I did finally make it, pleased with how nice a day it was and more than amused to see my friends. They were all there, which made the trek even better.

After a snack and some loitering on Newbury it was off to the H.E.L.L. Benefit Show to see The Tower and The Fool play. I was more than excited, I hadn't seen them play since October and I was due up for a show. Plus all my best Boston friends were there. The place was tiny and I was pretty glad we were early. A Loss For Words wound up playing an acoustic guest spot which had their fans flooding the place. Still it made for a good time, though I'm bummed the place emptied out after their set. They deserved more people sticking around (an apparently it filled up alter afterward because it got crazy for the bands that followed.




The new music sounded epic. I'm already in love with it and can't wait for the album (which comes out on 4/24). It was fun to watch Bryan play as well, he really seems to be loving playing with this group. This is also great news because Tower has the potential to blow up huge.



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