Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb Photo a Day - Day 26, 27, 29

The last few catch up days!

Day 26 - Night

This is Ran's street. I'm in love with her street. There's an old bridge thing on one side and trees and these stacked walk ups. It's so city life. I'm so jealous she lives here.

Day 27 - Something You Ate

Sushi!! Rana took me to her place and in her terms we "beasted". That's half hers though. My stuff is int he middle. Loved it. Really good and not too expensive.

Day 28 - Money

I didn't do this one. Nothing came up that worked so no..

Day 29 - Something You're Listening To

This was a fun one for today and had two different pictures.

This is Paradise Fears. I talked about them when I saw them open for The Cab and was impressed them. My friends had them in for a private show and since I was in town I went. They were great acoustic, and fun to listen to. I've got more pictures and I'll post those later.

Last night in Boston also meant, The Tower and The Fool again. I intend to write aout my trip for sure, but these guys were definitely a highlight. The set tonight was fantastic. Love hearing them live.

I've enjoyed my month of photos, and I think I'm going to keep it up, especially since my friend Meag found another challenge for March. So expect more pictures.


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